OEA Energy Leaders' Roundtable: The Public in Energy Policy
28.06.2011 - 30.11.-1
Bram & Bluma Appel Salon-Toronto Reference Library - Toronto
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2011 OEA Energy Leaders’ Roundtable – The Public in Energy Policy2011 OEA Energy Leaders' Roundtable
Reference Library, Bram and Bluma Appel Salon

The 2011 OEA Roundtable brought together experts and thought leaders from the gas and electricity sectors and jurisdictions across North America to explore issues and ideas surrounding the public in energy policy.  Panelists shared their insights and personal stories on working with the public in gaining the social acceptance necessary for energy policies and projects to succeed. Click here to view event brochure.


Opened by the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy, and moderated by Greg Lyle of Innovative Research Group, the Roundtable featured presentations by: 

While many important ideas were raised at the Roundtable, the common thread of the talks was that there is no substitute for an engaged public.  While it is tempting to think that if the public only knew all the information about a project or initiative, they would surely endorse it, the reality is that facts are not enough.  Even with the abundance of data available, the public deserves and demands more.

So how do we as a sector create meaningful connections between the public and their enerAnimated_Roundtable1gy uses?  

The experts provided deeper understanding on issues, such as:  

  • what constitutes real consultation;
  • how to bring the public early into the discussion;
  • how to create spaces and opportunities for the public’s ideas and values to be heard;
  • why it is crucial to be able to adapt – each community has its own needs; and
  • the need to looking at the intersections between rules, norms,  tools.


Public acceptance requires that people’s interests are heard and considered.  Acceptance cannot be built without adapting, listening, looking at values and their impact on behaviours.  Ultimately, we must come together to create meaningful connections between the public and their energy uses.

The OEA offers its sincere thanks to the speakers for making the 2011 OEA Energy Leaders’ Roundtable a success and for helping set the stage for a more in-depth and ongoing conversation at about public engagement in the months to come.





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Bram & Bluma Appel Salon-Toronto Reference Library