Carl Hayes

Partner & Vice President, Business Development

Carl Hayes is a Partner and Vice President of Business Development for Stratejm – creator of North America’s premier Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS). He is responsible for the overall growth strategy of the organization. Mr. Hayes has over thirteen years of progressive experience in developing security strategies and implementing Managed Security Services (MSS) on behalf of enterprise customers. Prior to founding Stratejm, Mr. Hayes spent five years with a leading global security integrator. Mr. Hayes developed a focused practice dedicated to serving the unique needs of Electricity Sector. Mr. Hayes is a recognized expert on cybersecurity and serves on the following Boards:
1.) The Mackenzie Institute – Canada’s leading think tank on security matters.
2.) The Ontario Energy Association – The credible and trusted voice of Ontario’s
energy sector.
3.) Guelph University – Masters of Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence Advisory Board