Greg Lyle

President and Founder
Innovate Research Group

Greg Lyle is the founder and President of INNOVATIVE.  As a former Principal Secretary, Greg has built a career at the intersection of public policy, communications and public opinion.  With over 25 years of communications and opinion research experience, Greg uses a full range of research tools to provide strategic counsel to a variety of government and corporate clients across industries such as financial services, infrastructure development and the energy sector.
Greg is not only a researcher, but a communications strategist as well.  When he left his position as Manitoba’s Principal Secretary in 1991, Greg went to work as a Vice President of both Decima Research and Hill and Knowlton.  It was his job to help clients bridge the gap between research insights and communications action and this has remained the core of his practice ever since.
Greg has worked extensively in Canada’s energy sector over the past decade.  He has provided strategic advice and research to some of the country’s largest energy producers, transmission companies and distributors as well as associations, governments and various regulatory bodies.
In Ontario, Greg has a wealth of regulatory experience working directly with the OEB.  He has designed and managed over a dozen customer consultation programs to support distributor rate applications under the OEB’s Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity distributors (RRFE).  Greg has designed and managed consumer consultations to support Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP) and the OEB’s review of the Energy Consumer Protection Act.
Greg is the lead consultant on the development and design of the OEB’s LDC Customer Satisfaction Scorecard as well as the Public Safety Awareness Scorecard survey and reporting requirements. 
Greg’s research has been highlighted in media across the country.  He has been featured in many media outlets including Global Television, TVO’s the Agenda, the Business News Network (BNN), the Globe & Mail, the Hill Times and various Postmedia newspapers.