The OEA’s ENERGYCONFERENCE is a forum to discuss and debate the critical issues on the minds of the industry and government. Speakers range from politicians, to industry experts, to global thought leaders who discuss the impact of legislative and regulatory policy, innovation, and the politics of energy.

In conjunction with our annual conference, the OEA celebrates its members’ achievements with the OEA ENERGYGALA and OEA ENERGYAWARDS. This extravagant event brings the sector together for an evening of fine food, celebration and inspirational speakers.

The OEA SPEAKERSERIES  is one of the sector’s most popular and effective forums, addressing the issues that matter most to the energy sector. These events attract current and emerging leaders, decision makers, stakeholders and innovators from across Ontario and other jurisdictions.

OEA Women In Energy
This event brings together women in energy as they share their experiences and collaborative leadership skills needed to succeed in a traditionally male dominated industry. These energy leaders discuss current issues, trends, and strategies on how to tackle personal and professional challenges. OEA Women In Energy also welcomes male participation as they provide their perspectives on the industry’s gender diversity.

OEA Conversations That Matter are complimentary forums exclusive to OEA members that explores time sensitive issues relevant to the sector, followed by an open question and answer period. OEA Conversations That Matter provides insights into current policies and issues from people with expertise and knowledge, such as government officials, experts from other jurisdictions, and representatives of other sectors and disciplines.