Mandatory GHG Reporting
under Ontario Regulation 143/16

Companies who have to report their GHG emissions from general stationary combustion sources and who may want to use the high heat value or gas composition from their fuel use as part of their calculations methodology can use the data below for the year 2017. Please ensure that you confirm in which franchise area your location for which you are doing this calculation is situated – Enbridge or Union Gas. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) agrees that the data identified by Enbridge and Union Gas in its letter to the MOECC (reproduced below) can be used for this purpose provided the company meets all the other applicable requirements set out in the Ministry’s Guideline for Quantification, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions pertaining to the measurement of natural gas.

Click Here to view MOECC Confirmation Letter.

If you have any further question about this Regulation please visit the MOECC web page or contact their help desk at:

Outside Toronto: 1.855.815.6400 (toll free)
In Toronto: 416.649.4480